Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wiring Started on Guitar!

Well after being extremely busy with work, and taking on a couple of other projects, I am finally getting back to the guitar.  It's been sitting in pieces in my room for over a month now.

Today the guitar finally has reclaimed its original shape!  I've wired the original pickups back into the guitar with the Series/Parallel/Coil Cut switch in place.  The result is a 3 wire + shield output that has signal ground, neck out, bridge out, and shield.  Soon I will make a prototype of the active circuit on the breadboard again.  I started it a while back but didn't finish it. 

Unfortunately, the sound is still limited by the pickups themselves.  I will have to go for a higher quality pickup (like the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover SH-55's mentioned before) before I get a really great sound.  That being said, I do hear a substantial difference from before. 

Right now, the wires are plugged straight into the amp itself, so the impedance presented to the pickups is probably on the order of 1M.  The highs are coming out nicely in all modes.  The neck pickup sounds great, but the bridge is a little harsh. 

Switching between Series, Parallel, and Coil Cut produces a noticable difference in tone.  I am very happy to have the guitar in a playable state again.  I will post pictures and the new schematics later.

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